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Ray Hsiao // Game Designer

About me

Smiling Asian person with long hair, glasses, and pink puffer jacket against a background of trees reflected in water.


I'm Ray Hsiao (pronounced like "shout" without the "t"). In summer 2023, I contracted as a level designer at Sondering Studio. I currently study computer science at UCLA (graduating June 2024), where I'm the co-president emeritus for ACM Game Studio, UCLA's student-run game development club, and UCLA Game Lab resident.

I'm inspired to make games because of how interactivity enables the creation of experiences exclusive to the medium. I'm specifically interested in making games that are coherent experiences, in which all aspects of the game, from mechanics to visual design to narrative, align towards a common goal.

Games I've enjoyed playing recently include Katamari Damacy, Loop Hero, Venba, and Persona 5 Royal.

Outside of games, some other things I like include drawing, singing and playing viola, observing and photographing animals, and reading.

Photography credit: Jason Liu